How long will it take to build my home?

On average, Logico Homes may complete construction for a single storey home in approximately 16 to 20 weeks, and a double storey home may take approximately 26 to 32 weeks to complete.

Can I make changes to our home after I’ve signed the contract?

Yes, you can. Changes are handled through variation forms. It is important to note that as your home progresses further into various phases of construction, variations will become more limited.

What are the steps before construction commences?

Prior to site start, we will undergo the following steps:
  1. Review of land contours and understand any land related impacts on the prospective home design and construction;
  2. Discussion and agreement on the house type (i.e. single, double or duplex etc.), discuss preliminary layout and design and also a preliminary discussion on inclusions;
  3. Develop the preliminary plans;
  4. Prepare the tender document that reflects the project costs based on the agreed preliminary plans;
  5. Prepare the construction plans for review and approval;
  6. Colour consultation (however timing is flexible based on customer needs);
  7. Prepared the building contract for discussion and signing;
  8. Develop the engineering plans and any other required technical documentation;
  9. Apply for approval by the relevant utility organisations, such as Sydney Water; and
  10. Apply for the DA/CDC approval.

What are the milestones during the building process?

The building milestones are:
  1. Site start;
  2. Slab construction;
  3. Frame construction;
  4. Brickwork;
  5. Internal plasterboard work;
  6. Practical completion;
  7. Handover; and
  8. Maintenance period review (after the mandatory 90 days).

What warranty will come with my new home once it is complete?

Home Owners Warranty, which will cover any non-structural issues for 2 years and any structural issues for 6 years.