We are writing this to refer our experience with Logico Homes.

As first home owners it was important for us to meet with a team who was willing to cater to our needs and be conscientious of our budget. We spent many weekends searching through display centres and various companies only to be disappointed with the ‘fine print’ and the limited standard inclusions.

After speaking with family and friends we decided to sit down with Joe Calarco to look at what Logico Homes could do for us. This was the best decision we could have made. Joe took the time to explain the process of what it took to build a house, not just a Logico house, explaining to us the various certificates and tests that needed to be done on our block of land in Austral. This transparency was greatly appreciated. Not only did Joe take the time to go through all the finer details, he also allowed us to visit one of their completed homes so we could really understand the floorplan.

Everyone on the Logico team was incredibly helpful, seeking to make this build an easy one. Our supervisors, Frank and Matthew, made sure to check in with us every week and answered any question or concern that we had. Annie, the interior designer, understood our colour palette and style instantly, showing us exactly what we would like. When our build was completed we were beyond happy to have such a beautiful home finished in such a quick time frame, just in time for our wedding (as promised)!

Logico Homes made the process of building less stressful. We were constantly in the loop and felt like we could contact anyone on the team without it being a hassle. Their standard inclusions are excellent, and would be upgrades for any other company, the trades they work with and the team they have are reliable and trustworthy. We would highly recommend Logico Homes to anyone. Thank you, to the Logico Team for all the work on our home.

J & K Foti